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Wednesday, August 4, 2004

kick in the box

i don't like advertised programs and how alcatel thinks i don't know enough to install them myself and that my computer automatically restarts when the program's done installing cause i don't have a ton of things open on my computer. fockers.

that reminds me. movies. they made a meet the parents sequel called meet the fockers. i thought it didn't look terrible, but the boys i was with disagreed. they also didn't like the look of the new julianne moore movie (disappeared, or something like that). i thought it looked good. i guess that's where being a girl differentiates me from the boys. though i'm not half as bad as a lot of girls. i don't think that little black boook will be a good movie. i don't generally like chick flicks, nor do i generally like the shitty music that's playing on yahoo! launch right now. it's soft rock. there couldn't be worse music. actually that's not true. there are some other genres of music that i like less than soft rock, but not many.


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