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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

if wishes were cars....

we might have an idea for a car for me. if you know me you know that i drive lumi - a 12-year-old, off-white, rusting chevy lumina, who doesn't like to start when it's wet .. or cold.. or on any day of the week that ends in y. the car doesn't like the winter. the past three have been spent in kingston where the winters are relatively mild compared to ottawa, and one week dan and i had to deliver gw through the passenger-side door cause the driver's door would not open. how is my lumi going to handle "real" ottawa winters? i don't know.

so we're thinking that if i score a half-decent job then i can afford a new (new-to-me) car. maybe a beetle. we have a plan for that too.

more to come later.

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