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Thursday, July 15, 2004

this boots were made for walking

it feels weird to be back at work.  i still don't like it much but i have to remember that they're paying me.  i am going to start looking for a post-summer job very soon.  and possibly a little job for the rest of the summer.. something in retail cause i've always wanted to do that.  and the extra money would be nice. 


i have baseball tournaments this weekend and next.  downside: i never feel settled when i'm running to toronto on the weekend.  upside: baseball is almost over.  and then i will be a free girl, except for work and such.  but on the horizon are bike rides along the river, learning sign language, and possibly some interior decorating.  we get to build a room around all sorts of new stuff.  people should buy me presents more often. 


this link won't be good forever, but there is a huge amount of flooding in peterborough.  my parents are kinda worried cause no one's heard from my brother since he left town a couple of days ago .  i'm sure he's okay, but the whole town seems to be under turmoil. 


well shit, i just found out that my baseball team has fallen apart.  two girls aren't playing anymore for different reasons and one got a line drive in the face (again) and can't play anything for 6 months.   wow.  that girl has terrible luck.


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