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Friday, July 30, 2004

new to me

i've learned a few things so far this summer.  [this is where i relate them to you.]

1.  you can't pick your neighbours.  even when your neighbours call bylaw on you and get your car ticketed for being parked in front of your own house you still can't bomb their house.  but you can come up with smaller, less noticeable things to do to that bitch.

2.  you can't pick your coworkers.  no matter what there will always be a couple of people at work that you really don't get along with.  normally you would just avoid them.  not possible?  do what my coworkers do and backstab each other and then pretend like nothing's going on face to face.  it's sick.  really sick. 

3.  driving through a parking lot-full of sea gulls is fantastic fun.  but always remember to honk because those sea gulls can be lazy bastards and some don't really believe that you would hit them.  it's between slamming on your brakes to avoid these stupid ones or honking while flying through the masses.  i recommend honking.   

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