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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

dip it low

apparently changing colours is a go.  sweet deal. 


baseball didn't go so well this weekend.  we only won one game, but no one got hurt.  this is important since we're going to the provincials this weekend with only 9 players.  


for some reason my coach thinks that making us run windsprints and practicing like we're training for the best ball tournament in the world the week before the provincials will help us become better.  really, it just helps me feel light-headed and nauseous after practice.  i'm only half complaining, cause like i said last time, i'm done after this weekend.  and i'm planning on going out in a blaze of glory.  we'll see how that goes.  


i really want to go on a trip.  somewhere hot when it's cold here.  what could be better.  or maybe just a road trip to somewhere in canada cause there are plenty of places i haven't been.  suggestions?


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