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Monday, July 26, 2004

baseball update

not only lesbians play baseball: bisexuals do too!

for real this time.  baseball is now officially over.  we went - we saw - and we lost.  like so many great kars teams before us we couldn't win to save our lives.  actually, that could just be our problem.  not enough pressure.  it is only a game afterall. 

with my new found free time i am going to do the following:

              - work on resume

              - look for a new job

              - continue reading

              - unmentionable shenanigans

and within this baseball update post i would like to update you of work as well.  in the office - the basement really - we have 6 girls and used to have 1 boy.  did you catch that?  the boy is gone.  these girls, well three of them, are like the popular girls in high school.  i have no doubt in my mind that two of them were.  but together, these three make an incredible force of bitchiness that not only makes my work days suck ass but also gets my friend fired.  i can't believe these girls.  i honestly hope that when i leave here i will never have to see them again.  if i do, i might have to tell them all the things that i only say about them to myself.  though by then i should have some pretty cunning and witty remarks that would floor them lest their stupidity gets in the way and the meaning soars over their pretty little heads. 

and that my friends is the first time i have used the word lest in a sentence. 

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