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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

the man who sold the work

it's been 3:30pm for about an hour. let me explain... work is BORING. i don't know how people work in offices. doing whatever it is that they do. i'm about to shoot myself in the head. and the boss is back so that means i have to be creative about looking busy.

in other news, congratulations go out to the tampa bay bolts for winning the world series of hockey last night. way to go boys. my team, on the other hand, did not win even one game this past weekend. we got officially blown out of the water. and one of the players quit today. yep. good weekend all round.

i had to drive blue car to peterborough for my brother because his car got totalled by some woman. my brother isn't too pleased about his new car situation. when i left the car i gave it a good kick in the bumper before i drove off (in another car). i won't have to drive that piece of shit car ever again. i'm pretty pleased about that.

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