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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

hey hey my my

have you heard of maroon5? they sing this love. good song. i'm listening to their album right now. i've heard it's good. they were recently featured on much music's one hit wonders, which i don't think is fair seeing as how their album only came out in 2003.

i took a day off work and baseball today. it felt so nice. sleeping for 14 hours i mean. i'm a little sick with something (morning sickness? i think not.) so i slept like a baby.

i read that the diplomas from queens used to suck. i'm lucky that this year they came out with fancy new diplomas so i've got a pretty one.

our family is continuously growing. we add plants on a regular basis. and we name them all. we're up to 11. some big, some small.. every one loved. crazy us. we even have pictures. wow. we're weird.

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