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Thursday, May 27, 2004

uh oh.. another group hug

check out www.foundmagazine.com. a site a lot like grouphug in that you can read it for hours and hours. perfect for those of you with boring office jobs or those of you without jobs who have hours and hours of sitting in front of your computers while the rest of the world either works or sleeps. don't blame me if you get hooked.

news from the office: stolen winnie the pooh mug! i left my bright yellow mug on top of the communal floor fridge (yes this is a lot like residence) last friday only to find it stolen so i made a poster including a mug shot (and i will take a picture for all your crazies to see) and taped it to the fridge. i'm even offering a reward, not cash.. more like piece of mind for returning my mug. if anything i hope the poster gets some laughs.

so we're going to party like it's 1999.. in about 5 weeks. details to follow.

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