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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

new avril!


the team looks good this year. i, however, am not looking so hot yet. my body's getting older and doesn't like it .. apparently.. when i throw it in and make it play 7 games in three days. i don't like getting old. i might get myself a new pair of cleats though. i think that if i do they will last me forever. that's what i say now though. cleats are becoming cheaper and cheaper.. in quality not in price.


it's daytime during the week. you guessed it. that means i'm at work. work has gotten a little better. i've met with people that seemed to not not respect me (did that make sense?). and somehow i don't feel too stupid yet. we get to take hour long lunches every day so we (the four of us summer students in legal services) go down to the caf. picture your high school cafeteria. that's about it but with comfy-er chairs and microwaves. it's strange but nice to get away from the computer and desk for an hour a day. plus we get paid for 30 of those minutes.


we had company this past week. the house was a little louder and i wasn't the only one making noise. we had a huge birthday dinner.. i ate so much food.

i want a cat. i miss having one around. but i don't want one yet. at least one that i would actually have to take care of.

i set off the house alarm four times yesterday. i was just trying to reset the time on the display.. daylight savings you know.

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