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Monday, May 3, 2004

back at it

well boys and girls, it's definitely been a crazy couple of weeks but i'm back into the swing of things. today i start my new job at alcatel. i'm even up early and i went for a run. crazy. and last night i went around the internet and read everyone's blog that i hadn't had a chance to read in a while.

i'm still not quite sure if i passed one of my courses (cause queen's takes about ten million years to mark exams and get the marks up) so i'm not sure if i'll be taking a summer course or not. i don't really know what i'm doing with my life when it comes to furthering my education. hopefully i'll have some of it figured out by the end of the week.

baseball tried to start last night but it was pouring and practice was cancelled. instead of running around in the rain for two hours i came home and addressed invitations and put together my desk and did laundry. we have our first tournament this weekend in Manotick or Kars. i'm guessing i'm going to be a little sore and possibly all scratched up after that.

we have about 400 pictures from bc. i might be able to post some of them on my picture page, but not all. i'll let you know when i've done that. we definitely had a great time. highlites include seeing an albino peacock, going out to sea on the hmcs ottawa, not knowing what day/month it is, and seeing the crab fight and the ugly wolf eels in the undersea gardens. all in all i would have to say that vitoria is beautiful. it felt like we travelled to california (except without the americans like someone likes to say). and now i can definitely say that i've been to the west coast of canada. now: the east coast.

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