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Thursday, April 1, 2004

vision clouded by falling angels

today was pretty easy. i didn't go to class and had a group meeting at 3pm. i was good and woke up at 9:30. i got some work done today. enough so that i can hand in everything due tomorrow and still go to bed when i want.

so two hours of lecture stand in the way of me being done school for the year and for my life. this is way more exciting than i imagined it would be. and the chocolate bar i have will make it that much better. i also have a job interview tomorrow afternoon. and after that it's grad club time! drinking with the bio kids. and later on it's cresting time, drinking with the gw kids. and then it's hometime, sleeping with .. well, no any kind of kids. who wants those anyways?

it was nice talking to you.

music: limpbiskit on the news at 9 on k-rock

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