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Sunday, April 18, 2004

odds and ends

--> when i was young, i remember a girl i knew coming up to me and saying:

"goose.. geese. moose.. _____?"

and me answering "meese!"

i still don't, with one exam between me and an honours biology degree, know what the hell i was thinking.

--> don't you hate it when you're warm, almost sweating even, and your hands are freezing?

--> when i was younger my dad told me that white and black cows made white milk while the brown cows made brown milk. isn't it awful what parents will tell kids and what kids believe.

--> one of the biggest mistakes, according to financial planners, that a young person (or couple) can make is to put a lot of money into a house and not enough money into an rrsp.

--> the ottawa senators came out of retirement in the 1992/93 season. i was 11 turning 12. i still have a sticker in my window at my parents home. have you ever noticed how gung-ho toronto fans are? i was brought up cheering for ALL canadian teams. now that there is a team in my home town, i'll cheer for them, but when they get beat out of the playoffs i'll cheer, not for toronto but for whatever other canadian team is left just to spite those dumb toronto people. i mean, hell, the msn names and the badgering from toronto fans is just unbelievable. i wish i could be a brainwashed fool too.

--> if i could have dinner with any dead person it would be my grandfather who died before i was old enough to understand death. he never got to see that i'm more than just a stupid kid - i'm a stupid big kid.

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