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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

i will run with you wherever you go

time is dragging on and on. i think that i might actually do well on my next exam though since i've been studying good. good thing it's not english, right?

i went out today. i sold back some text books to the bookstore. that damn place rips you off when you buy their books and then kills you when they give you $14 for the $114 book. fuck them! but anyway, i got some money back and then i preceeded to spend it all on stuff. i bought new shoes, a new coat (no more big blue!) and luggage. i've always wanted luggage and now i have some. you'll get a prize if you can guess what colour it is!

i also bought bad boys 1 and 2 at walmart. they were sold together for cheap. usually when they sell two dvds together they're placed back-to-back and shrink-wrapped together. not bad boys. they were beside each other. very strange. but very inconsequential.

musak: fefe take me away

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