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Friday, April 9, 2004

i can't cook for myself

you know when you get to the point during exams that you just can't seem to make yourself a single meal? yeah well i'm there. and i haven't even started writing exams. how sad is that.

i did leave my house today though. i went to biosci to pick up a quiz from my ta in the greenhouse. the greenhouse was approximately a million degrees celsius. honestly. my ta was in there wearing shorts, a teeshirt, and sandals. smart girl brings clothes to change into to work in there.

exam tomorrow. 2pm. biosci. be there. you don't have to be but i will. i've worked it all out. i've already passed the course and that's how i'm explaining my apparent lack of drive and concern about this exam. you know how it goes. i think i'll end up with a decent mark in the course no matter how much i study.

musak: the hum of the dryer

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