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Monday, April 5, 2004

i've been away

i definitely missed the blogging_about_cresting train. i did however receive an email from dan thanking me for taking off all his clothes and showering him. check out richard's website or click on the links to the left to find out what other people have been saying about that night.

i left cresting around midnight and drove to ottawa. saturday jon and i went to kanata to see my parents, the dog and cats, and the new floor. we then drove to peterborough to hang out for the night with my brother, his girlfriend sarah, and housemate jon. it was a good time. those boys sure can cook!

we made it back to ottawa through the snow and ice and generally gross weather. just hung out all night at home cause it was too gross to go anywhere.

i managed to sleep for about twelve hours and woke up still in decent time today. i stopped by my mom's office and then drove back to kingston. i don't know yet what i'll be doing all day. probably unpacking and getting some work done. damn exams stand in my way.

other news:

- i secured a job for the summer. my phone interview was just protocol. it was me on speakerphone with my aunt and her coworker. they asked more questions about jon and my upcoming trip than they asked about me.

- we are officially going to victoria, BC for a week. we leave ottawa sunday, april 25th (the day after i move all my shit home) and return saturday, may 1st (work starts the monday after that). i am so excited!

music: krock, were you expecting anything else?

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