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Friday, April 16, 2004

bitch face and clomper hippo

trina stopped by this morning and whisked me away to epicure for some breakfast. we sat by the door. while we were there, two chicks walked in. they were both all dressed up (read: skanked up) and one had on really loud clomper shoes. i turned to see what the noise was.

when the girls were heading to leave i turned around to see what the noise was stomping towards me. it was the first girl. then the other told us to stop staring! what strange girls.

i was looking to see what was going to run me over from the back and trina was looking at them cause they were staring at her the whole time they were in the restaurant. in a way, i wish i was a guy cause that would have been a completely different exchange. i'm sure clomper hippo would have said something different or would have been pleased to have attracted the attention if i was a boy. and if i was a boy i could have followed them around downtown and really freaked them out.

too bad.

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