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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

st. patrick's damselflies and electric fish

i'm heading off to syracuse tomorrow. random road trip. i'm really excited about it. the trade-off was staying in tonight though. so i've been trying to read papers for my grant proposal. it's not going so well, but i still have over a week to write the paper, and i've already made headway into my seminar.

i'm finding it harder and harder to concentrate these days. for random reasons too.. it's not like it's nice outside or anything.

i have to report that the cat that followed me home wasn't still outside after my nap so i'm assuming it went home. part of me wanted to see it there when i got up. i was already thinking of names (rock was in the lead). ah well. maybe i'll invest in another fish to kill... i mean love. another fish to love and keep alive... for a week. me and fishes. we don't get along so well.

baby please don't go

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