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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

screaming silence

i finished my book today. it was really good. the last line was priceless. tied everything together. i love books like that. i'm going to miss it though.. i do everytime i end a good book. i'm left wanting more. and then there's the task of starting a new book, getting to know all new characters. ug. not right now.

right now i have to write me a paper. i've been putting it off and procrastinating tons. i think i've talked on the phone more this week than any other this whole year. i also found out today that i wrote the wrong quiz (aka assignment) for one of my biology classes, so i have to write the correct one for friday. gah!

i can't wait for friday and science fair and then the banquet saturday. i really think this weekend will be a good one. jon and richard are coming to the banquet with me and carla. we're at a table with erika and brenda. i'm looking forward to it.

tomorrow morning is my last papers. i can't wait. dan copped out though.. he wants to sleep in. sleeping in is for the weak, though napping is not. i will definitely be napping tomorrow at some point, though i'm really not sure when.

currently listening: cut my life into pieces (incubus?)

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