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Monday, March 29, 2004

ow! ow!

i'm finally done my seminar. i am so happy about that. and after class i was just hanging around and my prof actually offered to write me a letter of recommendation for when i apply to grad school. how sweet is that? i think my jaw actually dropped and hit the floor when the words came out of her mouth.

the other good news i have is that i got a phone call today for a job interview (phone interview no less) for the summer job working at alcatel. hopefully it goes well and i'll have summer employment making the big bucks.

i might be taking a trip. right after i'm done and have moved out of here, jon and i are thinking about going to victoria (with the cats in tow) to see his parents. i'm excited cause i've never been out that way (or the other way for that matter...). we just have to decide how to get there, which flight to take. did i mention that i haven't been on an airplane for 7 years either?

i'm pretty exhausted today. i didn't get much sleep (~4 hours) and have been doing stuff all day. it's almost time for bed. yes, i am a loser.

currnet music: world album premiere of aerosmith's new album

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