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Monday, March 22, 2004

lobster march

i wanted to post now so i can concentrate on writing my grant proposal. i knew a kid named grant when i was younger. he wasn't very nice to me. seemed like he didn't like girls at all.

my face got burnt today. it's kinda nice cause it feels like it's summer, but it hurts like any old burn hurts.

i just found out this afternoon about another "quiz" (aka take home assignment) in one of my courses. i thought i was through with those damn quizzes. so this week i have a quiz tomorrow morning and my paper due friday by the end of the day. next week i have another quiz, and that "quiz", a poster presentation, my seminar and a dumb little paper due. and i wonder why i want out of here. too much crap.

i really feel like i've made some good decisions in my life. without going on and chancing getting sappy that is all i will say about that.

i'll be here and you'll be there and we'll all scream for ice cream.

currently listening: krock, ozzy in on and rage against the machine just finished oddly enough

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