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Monday, March 15, 2004

cookie monster

i'm hungry. i just brushed my teeth so i'm going to go to bed hungry instead of eating. my own damn fault.

i think i had a productive day. i read a lot about fighting, which is the topic of my seminar in 2 weeks, and some about begging cause i have a quiz on that on wednesday. i already finished my geology assignment for tomorrow, a couple of days ago actually.

i broke out my bike today. daffy needs some air in the back tire, but she survived the winter in my closet well. it's still too cold to bike and not freeze though.

i stopped by gw to see richard in action. it was definitely a zoo in there. kelly gave me a cookie. i've tried to quit but i just couldn't resist.

today was my third sunday in a row due to my going home in the middle of the week. it was such a bonus day. don't you love those days? am i bragging? i'm not trying to brag.

so tomorrow holds a seminar in the morning and a lecture in the afternoon. i don't know what else i'll do, except eat some food and maybe get groceries so i can eat some more food. maybe even cookies. mmm cookies.

15 more days of school... ever!

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