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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

add a little tail, add a lot of tail

it's wednesday. wordsday. i delivered this morning and got home earlier than usual. i had nothing to worry about really. i even went to mcdonalds and got an egg mcmuffin. i'm SO glad that i won't have to deliver any more papers. i can clean my car out and hopefully get the smell of news print out.

i had a stellar nap today. konked out for a solid 2 and a half hours. and since i put my alarm clock across the room on my desk i'm much more able to get up in the mornings. hitting snooze isn't quite the same cause i have to get up and cross the room and cross the room again to get back to sleep for 9 minutes. is it worth it? short answer: yes!

i read a lot about hilary duff and avril lavigne (thanks to frank). these two popstars aren't pleasant when it comes to each other. why can't we all just get along? i found out today that hillary duff has a new clothing line called... you guessed it: stuff by duff. it's at zellers, along with a really neat chair that i like. it's round.

i'm almost done my fish paper. i have about 300 words left to reach the max then it's editing and printing and handing in time. yahoooo!

currently listening to: stereo by the watchmen

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