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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

a is for apple, athletic letter

today was a long day. i spent all day on campus. i had lots of class (and i actually went to all of my lectures.. weird for a wednesday) and had a poster presentation. that went okay. the prof wasn't as intimidating as i was expecting and the timbits were key.

i have to tell you something: i was walking to campus. this morning felt like any other morning, except i couldn't turn on the cold water to have a shower (you can't shower in scolding hot water), and i was walking through the jduc on my way to class. i walked by the walkhome kiosk and what do i see? a bundle of golden words that i didn't deliver! oh the joy! and that's when it hit me. i had an extra 3 hours of sleep this morning and i didn't have to nap cause that job is all done. all i'm waiting on is my last paycheque which is waiting for me at engsoc.

i went to the year-end banquet for queen's intramurals today. it was at qp. there was free food, including those little meatballs and cheese and crackers and veggies and fruit and bread and dip. i stuffed my face and then left, but not before getting my athletic letter that i have been so patiently waiting for. it's a giant yellow a. not sure what i'm going to do with it yet. maybe hang it on the hall next to my old hockey adams name bar. we'll see. i get to move soon so maybe when i "decorate" my perma home.

people are talkin'.

music: some shit on k-rock

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