The Life of K

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Canada Day Long Weekend


Catching up! Canada Day was a big one this year - 150! Lots of big things were happening in Ottawa but we decided to spend the weekend at the cottage.

School ended on the last Thursday in June and J and I had to work on Friday so J's parents took the kids to the cottage that morning. We worked all day then packed up the car and the cat and hit the road.

Side note: Leaving work without having to rush to get the kids is so freeing. Also nice: driving 2 hours just me and J, with Sandy meowing every now and then from the back.

We spent the weekend alternatively outside doing stuff and inside avoiding the rain. We went into a small town on Canada Day. The celebrations were in a school yard so the kids played on the play structure until it was time for fireworks. It was their first time and I'm so glad I got to see their faces.

We didn't have the best weather, but it was still nice to get away and to kick off the summer.

Chocolate coin for Canada Day.

First boar ride of the year.

The water's a little chilly.

In the lake.

Overflowing creek.

Other side of the overflowing creek.

Practicing karate moves while it rains.

Blue heron.

Playing at the park on Canada Day.

Waiting for the rain.

Being innovative using a piece of wood to reach.


Little J proud of his creation.


Loving the fireworks.



Exploring the washed out road.


Soaking up the sunshine and the good luck.

Turtle hunting.

Going in.

Handstands at the cottage.


The kids Skyping with their cousin.

Hula hooping.

Sitting on the dock.

Rainbow after the storm.

Little J loves this spot.


Sandy at the cottage.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summer vacation


Summer is FLYING. We've done so much in the past month and I have a lot of catching up to do.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer Weekends ~ Exploring Givers 150 park

Toes int he sand at Mooney's Bay Beach.
Summer weekends are full of family fun time. The weather this summer hasn't been great - I hear we've had over 100 days of rain so far this year - but we're making the most of our weekends.

It used to be that weekends were special because J was home but now that we're both working and the kids are in camp Monday-Friday, weekends are extra special. We're cramming in all sorts of things and really soaking up the nice weather.

This particular weekend included autocross, visiting with my parents, skateboarding, Dragon Boat Festival, splashpad with friends, and checking out the huge Givers 150 park at Mooney's Bay.

Autocross was freezing and of course it rained a bit. J did well.. it was his first time out with the new, wider tires.

Huddled under the blanket at autocross.
Dramatic skies at autocross.
We took the opportunity of being close by to stop for lunch at the Pizza Pizza I used to work at. It looks nothing like it did but we still enjoyed out pizza.

Lunch with these two.
We also visited with my parents. My dad put the kids to work filling their backyard bird feeders and the kids happily climbed the fence and explored the forest.

Filling bird feeders.

Up and over!

Deer visitor.
We drove home in the pouring rain.

The next day was a random day: we started off at the skatepark in the morning and we all know how that ended, then we decided to check out the Dragon Boat Festival at Mooney's Bay and while we were there we went to the new Givers 150 Park, and finally we spent some time at the splash pad with our neighbours.

Have you been to the 150 park? It's a huge, Canada-themed park, tucked away at Mooney's Bay. There are so many different structures and we had a blast exploring.

Huge climbing net.


Lots of wooden structures.
Mooney's Bay was packed with the Dragon Boat Festival going on and the Aboriginal Fest across the street. It was sunny and hot and the perfect summer day.

Splash pad fun before the storm rolled in.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fun at Calypso

We didn't get to go last year, so when I told the kids we were going to Calypso they were so excited! I was excited too because as the kids get older, taking them to places like a huge water park gets easier. They can walk on their own and don't cry when they get water in their eyes. I was hoping they'd be big enough to go on more of the rides.

Family fun day at Calypso!
We chose to celebrate our anniversary at the park so J and I booked off Monday, July 10th, and packed up the car and made our way to Limoges. Unfortunately the weather wasn't awesome but there were hardly any line ups, which I'm sure doesn't happen on bright, sunny days.

After arriving, we immediately got life jackets for the kids (they're free to rent either by leaving a piece of ID or a cash deposit) and put our stuff in a locker ($10 to rent). We lathered on sunscreen because even with all the clouds, I'm sure we would have gotten sunburns.

Right near the life jackets you can measure your kids. Kids under 1m are free this year!

Little J.
Little K.
It wasn't super hot so I was happy the water temperature is controlled. The two main kid areas - Zoo Lagoon and Pirate's Aquaplay - are warmer so that's where we spent most of our time, though we did go down Turbulence and Black Hole a few times. Zoo Lagoon is perfect for kids with a number of different slides, and perfect for parents with a great place to chill in the water while keeping an eye out.

Zoo Lagoon was a big hit with the kids!
We did the Jungle Run lazy river twice or three times. There's something so relaxing about lying back and going with the flow.

Moody skies over Jungle Run.
Little J loved the Jungle Challenge which he couldn't do in past years and Little K was a liiiiiiitle bit too short.

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We stopped for lunch at the main cafeteria and filled our bellies with hamburgers, hotdogs and sweet lemonade. By this point, it was lightly raining, but that didn't stop us from checking out the wave pool. Unfortunately the kids weren't too thrilled. Even though they're getting better at swimming and getting water in their faces, the waves were still too much and it wasn't warm enough to hang out in the shallow water.

Entering the wave pool.

We spent the last bit of our time there at Zoo Lagoon while it poured. Even with the rain, we had a great time. So if you're thinking of going, don't let a little rain stop you. (Don't go on a day like yesterday when it poured all day though.) We're lucky to have Calypso in Ottawa.

Disclaimer: I was offered passes for my family as well as lunch at the park in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.